Welcome To RISE

RISE Seeks to install visionary qualities of life in children and their care givers so that when they grow up as adults they can actively engage in activities to create a susutainable development and the break the circle of poverty and crisis in our country.

RISE is registered to the Tanzania Ministry of Community Development Gender and Children on 25 September 2013 with registration number 00NGO/00006584

Who We Are

Rural Initiatives for Support Economy (RISE) is a non-governmental organization that invites you to come and volunteer for different activities and projects through Tanzania Volunteers Host (TVH), to give life meaning to Tanzanians in local communities. Our assistance will give you an opportunity to contribute by assisting with working on special projects in a unique inter-cultural experience.

What We Do

Access to care and quality education is said to be one of fundamental children rights. To enable our community to fulfill this important role, support from individuals and non-governmental organizations is inevitable. Basing on the growing demand for nursery and primary education year after year, the government should be supported in her noble endeavor intention to eradicate illiteracy among her people. Thus why we have come-up with this idea of establishing an orphanage and nursery school, Arumeru.

Where We Work

We are based at Maji ya Chai Ward near Arusha City center.