About Tanzania

Tanzania is one among the five East African Federation countries and it is the largest in the region with approximately 364,805 square miles. Its population is approximately 44.5 millions (2012 census) which also reveals that there are more than 120 ethnics groups (tribes) in Tanzania. Official languages of Tanzania are Kiswahili and English though there are other vernacular languages spoken. The country received independence in 1961 from the British and became a republic in the year 1962 when Julius Kambarage Nyerere become the first president. Tanzania is also the home of the highest peak of Africa “ The Mount Kilimanjaro”. While in Arusha YOU will be able to view it.

About Arusha

Arusha is the fourth largest city in Tanzania; its population is approximately 1.5 million inhabitants (2012 census). Being a city, there are lots of conveniences like supermarkets, cinemas, Internet-cafe, night clubs with developing country’s standards. In Arusha, one can find many popular tourism companies as most of the national parks are just hours away. Arusha is also located in between two popular international airports which are Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) at the side of Arusha and Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Kenya, just less than a 5hrs bus drive to Arusha. The head quarters of the RISE is situated just 15 miles away from Arusha city in Arumeru District.


Since we recognize that our volunteers come from different areas with different weather condition, we are eager to let you know some important facts about weather in Arusha and Tanzania at large. Arusha is situated very close to the Equator where it is warm during the day and a little bit cool during the night. As a matter of facts, in the Equatorial region the sun shines very strong but still the weather is moderate. Rainy season begins in March to June (heavy rainfall) followed by a shorter rainy season in November. During the heavy rains, the weather is often cool compared to other seasons.

Introductory Week

Upon arrival, volunteers shall be given all the necessary instructions including, city of Arusha tours, placement directions and method of transportation to and from your accommodations, and where to shop for simple items among other things.

About Visa

The Tanzanian government is strict about Visa's, two visas are required per one volunteer. A volunteer visa is not the entry visa and needs to be organized separately. The entry visa can be either applied for in your home country or upon arrival at the airport. It is advised that, you get this arranged before you arrive as the queues for entry visa's at the airport can be long and you will be tired from your long journey. The application for a visa prior to arrival, simply contact the Tanzania Embassy in your country of origin. However, a volunteer visa cannot be obtained in the country of origin neither at the border; this shall be applied for during your stay and shall take 48hrs to 72hrs. Currently, it costs $550 USD multiple entry with a validity of 90 days in one year.

Medical and Vaccination

We advises volunteer to have vaccinations done before traveling to Tanzania depending on their countries of origin. We recommend volunteers to consult their doctors about the following diseases:- Cholera, Typhoid, Hepatitis, Meningitis, Polio, Tetanus, Tuberculosis, Measles, Malaria etc. Yellow Fever - this shall need a certificate as proof of vaccination. In Tanzania Malaria is generally high, therefore, volunteers are strongly advised to take Ant-Malaria drugs. This shall need you to consult the medical department of your country before the departure. It is very rare to find visitors getting stomach problems such as Diarrhea and Vomiting, if it happens it can pass after few days. Volunteers are strictly advised not to drink tap water. Boiled water is available in host homes or a volunteer can buy bottled water in a nearby shops in a minimal price just $1 USD per 1.5 liters.


The NGO does not provide volunteers with travel nor medical insurance. Though if it happens that you need heath/medical assistance we will take you to AICC Hospital which is under the Arusha International Conference Center. This hospital is used mostly by United Nations employees and other foreigners in Arusha. We can also take you to Selian Hospital owned by the Evangelism Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT) that absolutely meets the International levels. All medical cost shall be covered by the volunteer side.

What You Should Pack

It is necessary to have with you the following suggested packing and documents. Traveling documents (passport, tickets, insurance paper, credit card/cash USD etc), Sun screen, Anti-bacterial Soap or Hand Sanitizer, General medication (headache, stomach etc), Anti-Malaria drug, Hat, Toilet Paper, Reading material, Rain wear depending on the month(s) you are visiting Don't bring electrical items with 110 volts, we recommend 240 volts (Tanzanian electrical standard).

Access to Our Head Quaters

There are several accesses to reach the RISE headquarters (Arusha) here bellow are suggestions:- Through Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) KIA is the nearest airport to our headquarters. If traveling into KIA, the NGO shall provide pick-up and drop off transportation for volunteers. This transfer takes approximately 1hr by bus to most of the accommodations we provide. Through Dar es Salaam (Julius Nyerere International Airport) Volunteers who come through Dar es Salaam shall connect a domestic fight to either KIA or Arusha airport. Volunteers can use a bus to Arusha depending on the time of arrival. Flying is more expensive compared to bus although it is faster than a bus. Bus takes almost 10hrs while the fight takes almost a ¼ of the bus time. Volunteers can also ask for assistance if coming through Dar es Salaam and our Coordinator shall arrange for someone in Dar es Salaam for assistance. We can provide pick-up at the airport in Dar es Salaam. If your flight lands in the morning, you can be picked-up and directly taken to bus station if you are not flying to Arusha. The bus cost from Dar es Salaam to Arusha is approximately Tsh. 35,000/= to 40,000/= equally to $25 to $30. If you decide to fly, you can simply visit Precision Air Tanzania Through Nairobi, Kenya Volunteers who come through Jomo Kenyatta International Airport can connect a flight to either KIA or Arusha airport or can take the shuttle to Arusha. The shuttle can take approximately less 5hrs to Arusha city where you shall find person for pick-up. If you’ll like to use shuttle you may simply find the price through Shuttle. You may take a tax from the airport to the shuttle station, please! Please! Take the tax which is approved in the airport, book inside the arrival terminal. In case of flight to Arusha airport or KIA you can book through Precision Air Tanzania

Attractiveness and Beauty of Tanzania

Tanzania hosts most attractive land scape with beautiful tourism attractions such as the plain of Serengeti, Ngorongoro crater, the Mount Kilimanjaro the highest peak of Africa, and many other. The fact is most of volunteers want to combine their trip with safaris and cultural tourism, RISE has smart and experienced tour-guides who can arrange for you an exciting cultural and safari program that can make never forget about Tanzania. We can also arrange for you a lot of cultural activities in Zanzibar.

RISE fees cover costs of operation as well as to provide financial support to the community projects and programs.

The following are covered by the Volunteers programme fees

Pre-arrival support and preparation, To and From Airport transfers, Orientation Program, Meals,Accommodation and Market Walk


We welcome applications from everyone. If you are interested in applying for our volunteer program please fill the application form through (Apply Now)

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