Our Projects

The organization has been implementing many project to reach the community in need especially children in need and special group. Some of projects have already being established while others are in plan to be implemented in the near future. Please get some time to see our project.

Tree Planting

Every year during the rainy season the organization distributes tree to the community for planting in the areas with no or few tree as the way of conserving environment. Every year on April we organize the community to plan about five hundred (500) tree although the target is to reach twenty thousand (20,000) trees every year. See the picture in the Gallery.

Youth Football Tournament and League

The organization has the sport program which gather the youth in the community to training them about the importance of preserving the environment, talk about HIV/ADS and their role in the community as youth. The training is organized for 45minutes before the football match starts during the league. See the picture in the Gallery..

Children Center/school

The organization has established a center (RISE Children) to accommodate children from different special groups to support them get quality and standard education. More about this see .