The Target Group

In our country many children need help to meet their daily basic needs, the fact is majority come from poorest families and some of children are not connected with any family due to unavoidable circumstances. Actually, these children have no access to quality and better education therefore, your help is of the most importance. Your help and support will enable the Center to provide the children with different learning materials and equipments such as exercise books, pens and pencils, papers and colors, snacks and lunch as well as teacher's allowance. There are also other basic items in class rooms like table and chairs, boards, charts and other learning materials. All these can be made possible by the sponsor commitment to donate a child $ 20 a month. For more information about other items you may see them through General Donation in our website. Our sponsorship program is very unique to many others whereby school attendance comes first and sponsorship second. The organization strives to provide adequate resources for every child at RISE Orphanage and school although some are in greater need than others. The center is managed on a communal basis in order to ensure that resources are allocated as they are needed and no child is left behind. At the moment we have 27 students though we are planning to receive at least 30 children every year. Many students come from small, one room, or unfinished homes and families that struggle to support adequate food, clothing and health care. Other children who attend RISE Orphanage and school are from typical family environments within the area, mostly reliant on farming income to support an average family size of 5 or 6. We have created a priority sponsorship list for those children in the greatest need of financial support. The target group of your help includes:-


Some of children in this group stays with us in the center while others stays with their relatives like grand parents and other close ones. What we can provide them with is just love, care and nursery education for the moment. You can help a child in group at this level and other levels in primary school

II.Children with single parent

In our community there are some children living with a single parent facing a hard time in getting enough income that can satisfy the whole family. In normal circumstances this can happen when parent has died by HIV/ADS, divorce, early pregnancy and find it difficult to get basic needs hence failure to educate a child. This group of children need your support.

III.Children from the lowest Income families

In different developing country like Tanzania, most families live in extreme poverty. In this kind of families the focus is entirely put on food for life, education is not even thought of. It is our desire to see children from these families getting access to better education and in-turn help their parents just to read and write.